Policy Statement

Mines Rescue Services Pty Ltd is a company that provides the following key services and products:

  • Training of persons for emergency related activities
  • Co-ordinate the provision of Rescue Teams during mine emergencies
  • Supply and maintain specialised rescue equipment
  • Consult and advise on emergency preparedness both prior to and during mine emergency rescue operations


We offer our services to the mining industry through our local rescue stations located in South Africa and we extend our services to other countries.

We have established an appropriate management system that is in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015.  This management system ensures that we, through available resources, will provide a complete structured emergency system that is safe as far reasonable practicable, competitive, cost effective and efficient.

In the provision of the emergency system, we will attract and retain competent Training Practitioners, provide expert advice, remain pro-active to changes in technology and apply quality managed best practices.



To ensure that the quality management system is a part of our business process we have established the following objectives that is in line with the business plan:

  • to ensure that Mines Rescue Services can provide a safe for as far reasonable and an effective emergency response service to the mining industry
  • to ensure that Mines Rescue Services has sound business principles


We further ensure that:

  • we comply with applicable legislative and other requirements
  • address the needs and expectations of our employees, customers, clients, shareholders, suppliers, beneficiaries and relative regulatory departments
  • all employees understand their individual roles and are committed to ensuring continual improvement.